Turn your old phone into a security camera

Mobile technology is upgrading rapidly. Almost every 6 months we found new phones with new spec or camera with updated OS versions. People upgraded their mobile phones recently can make better use instead of selling them for a fraction of bought money or letting them gather dust in some drawers. one of the most useful ways to upcycle an old phone is to make it into a home security camera.

Today security camera is must-have for every house not only to prevent theft, but a camera can be used to monitor the child activity or makeshift Google Home speaker. Let’s learn how to convert an old mobile phone into a security camera.

How to convert the old phone into Security Camera?

Every security camera has two part one is viewer & broadcaster. We will use our old mobile as a broadcaster & current mobile/ desktop or laptop as a viewer. To turn the android phone to a webcam or security camera you can use any app available on play store like Manything, IP Webcam, Alfred, Presence, etc.

Step 1: First choose the security app depends on your needs here we have to choose Alfred app to turn the android phone into security camera or broadcaster.

Open the Alfred app and skip the intro. In the last step choose your old mobile phone as camera and other as a viewer. Now you need to sign in with same login credential in both devices and your webcam is ready to be used.

Step 2: Since your webcam is ready, you need to position your camera at the right location like an entry point of home or room to look after your baby. A suction cup car mount will help you better.

Step 3: Streaming video consumes more power than mobile usually consume and the phone will be on 24/7. To prevent phone drying out of battery, you have to make sure the availability of power source. A 10-feet Micro USB Charging Cable will help to bring power source near.

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