World’s First Wireless Charging Self-Cleaning Water Bottle

Only 2.5 percent in the world’s water is fresh, that too is not 100% safe to drink. Therefore it is our responsibility to find different methods to purify and replenish the available water. Today almost everyone has R.O. system to purify water at home. But it is difficult to carry more freshwater while traveling or driving. When we are out from home we have to rely on water bottles available in the market.

We have placed the UV-LED deep UV disinfection technology that was first used by NASA to sterilize space gloves and allow astronauts at the service of white-collar busy professionals, business travelers, and even parents who want a safe way to provide fresh and clean water to their babies at all times.

Tony – founder of Mahaton

A US-based company has come up with the first water bottle with inbuilt purification. According to Mahaton water bottle company, it will kill about 99.9% of the bacteria in just 90 seconds. It uses mercury-free UV-C LED technology to make drinking water cleaner.

Mahaton water bottle made using stainless steel and food-grade plastic is used in the lid. For power bottle support wireless charging and it took 6-8 hours to charge bottle can go up to 3 months on a single charge if you use the purification feature thrice a day. The bottle can contain 350ml water.

How does it work?

Once filled with water user have to touch the Mahaton logo twice, a breathing notification light will be turned on. Now purification mode is started your water will be purified after 90 seconds. An orange light will be turned on if you or any child accidentally open the lid between the purified process and the bottle immediately shuts down UV LED so that you don’t get affected.

  • First water bottle with inbuilt purification capabilities
  • Kill about 99.9% of the bacteria in just 90 seconds
  • Can filter 94.5 Ltr in single charge(350ml x 3/per day x 3 months)

  • Water bottle can occupy 350 ml of water which seems a bit less
  • Takes around 6 – 8 hours to fully charge the bottle

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