Feature You Might have missed on YouTube

YouTube the largest video streaming social network is working hard for its users and introducing new features in YouTube. In past few weeks YouTube has launched many useful features you might have not noticed. Here will discuss those features and how it will benefit to its user.

Incognito Mode

YouTube is video social platform, therefore YouTube use your viewed video as suggestions to your followers. Similarly they use these data in many others terms too. Since everyone is concern for their activity on online platforms. YouTube has introduce Incognito feature where user can visit YouTube without leaving their identity or history.

youtube incognito

Dark Theme

To increase user focus on video and content YouTube has introduce dark theme mode for desktop users. Dark theme will change YouTube background color to black and content in white color.

dark theme

Mini Player

You might have played video in video in mobile app where you can minimize the current video by swiping down and YouTube will let you do other task like searching other songs, adding to playlist etc.

Youtube mini player

YouTube has now introduced this feature to YouTube web also. Now you can click on Mini Player icon and you YouTube video will play in thumbnail size and you can continue with searching other videos. Now you don’t need to open new window or tab for searching other videos.

Take a Break

Users spent continues hours on YouTube, which make them addicted to the YouTube. To stop this YouTube comes up with “Take a Break” features. Through the program, Google wants to help users realize just how much time they’re spending on a phone, in turn hopefully combating smartphone addiction.

How to setup “Take a Break” feature

First, download the latest version of the YouTube app on iOS or Android. Next, open the app and tap on your profile picture followed by Settings. Android users will need to select General before finding (and tapping) the option labeled Remind me to take a break. You can set YouTube to alert you it’s break time every 15, 30, 60, 90 and 180 minutes.

google youtube take a break

Going forward, once you hit your self-imposed time limit in the YouTube app, an alert will show up reminding you it’s time to take a break. When the alert shows up, you can either adjust the amount of time between interruptions or dismiss it and continue watching a video.

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