Wireless charger? Future benchmark for Mobiles

Many of us would be happy with our wired charger but Apple has changed our way charging in its new breed of iPhones by providing wireless charging. Now we can put smartphone on pad for charging, without worrying about accidentally unplugging or USB cable fixes.

​How wireless charging works?

Wireless pad uses an electromagnetic field to transfer energy from pad to smartphone. Which use that energy to charge batteries or run the device.

Wireless charging development is in initial state it supports charging for one device at a time and available for smartphones only. As technology improves wireless charging pad will be available for all devices which can charge more than one devices too.

Here we will discuss few major advantage and disadvantages of wireless charging.



Advantages of Wireless Charger

Re-paring bill/No Need to replace your charging Jack

In smartphone phone main reason of repairing is our charging jack and speaker. Since wireless charging doesn’t require plugin to charge. There is no chance of damaged charging jack. Hence your repairing bill be less.

One for all charge station

Soon wireless charging will be standard and available in all devices. Then there’s no need to unplug your smartphone to charge your partner’s mobile.

Now wireless charger can charge multiple devices at same time, the tangled wire will no more issue now. No need to bring your friend’s or relative’s to bring their own wired charger due to different type of charging ports or company, when they are coming to your home for small party or gathering.

Convenience, especially when charging multiple devices

With no need for constantly plug and unplugging, there is significantly less wear and tear on both the device socket and cables.​ Soon we will have less tangled wire on our desk.

Data Security & Protects connections

We should never plug our mobile into unknown cable. There could be malware which can steal our important data using data cable you are using to charge in public place like coffee shop or mall. But wireless chaging not require any plugin activity, since data will be more secure.

Wireless charging doesn’t need any plug in activity. So ports will be provide in those devices which let no exposure to water and oxygen which lead us to low risk of electrical faults.


At crowded public placed like Malls you can find free charging points which has more that 3 charging cable to accommodate all possible smartphone devices.

As technology grows we also see same places without any wire that will work for all devices.

Disadvantages of Wireless Charger

Wastage of Power

Wireless charging pads are in its initial development phase, they are inefficient. It also depends on charging pad design and how accurately you are putting them on pad. Putting wrongly on charging pad will waste decrease your charging by 20 to 30% percent. Which is huge loss of power.

For individual device is not huge but think about millions people charging their mobile and amount of data.

Added inconvenience | You can’t move your iPhone

Wireless charging distance is very small, therefore its impossible to pick phone or play games while its on charging mat. With a wire, you can move as far as the wire will let you.

Slow charging as compared to wired charger

Wireless charging is taking longer time to charge compared to wired charger.

More expensive

Wireless charging is still a premium feature for smartphones therefore its more expensive then wired chargers. Increase in manufacturing will help to decrease the pricing of wireless charger.

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