What is Cellular Reception?

A mobile phone signal (also known as reception and service) is the signal strength (measured in dBm) received by a mobile phone from a cellular network (on the downlink). Depending on various factors, such as proximity to a tower, any obstructions such as buildings or trees, etc. Most mobile devices use a set of bars of increasing height, this received signal to the mobile phone user.

What factors affect the Cellular Reception

The quality of cellular reception largely depends on how well the mobile phone can receive the signal from a cellular network. There are a variety of factors that affect cell phone reception. These include:

1.Condition of the mobile device.
2.Proximity to the cellular tower.
3.Obstruction of the signal through walls, buildings, and trees.
4.Poor coverage from a cellular carrier.
5.Type of construction materials used in home or office.
6.Congestion due to too many users on the network at the same time.
7.Low battery power mobile device.

What is Signal Booster?

A cell phone signal booster (also known as amplifier or repeater) is made up of three main elements – exterior antenna, amplifier, and interior antenna. They form a wireless system to boost cellular reception.

What are Dead Zones?

Areas where mobile phones cannot transmit to a nearby mobile site, base station, or repeater are known as dead zones. In these areas, the mobile phone is said to be in a state of an outage. Dead zones are areas where mobile phone service is not available because the signal between the handset and mobile site antennas is blocked or severely reduced, usually by hilly terrain, dense foliage, or physical distance.

Cause of poor cell phone signal

poor cell phone signal, there are two main contributing factors: distance from the closest cell tower and obstructions causing interference.

How we can increase mobile phone signal strength at low network area

One of the best and simple way is installing mobile phone signal booster at home or where you have a low network. This device can boost your cell phone signals up to 4 times.

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