Amazon’s Alexa App Voice control update for iOS Users

Due to increasing popularity of amazon’s Alexa devices. Amazon working more with voice control and trying to reach to every customer. Alexa on iOS launched way back in March 2017 and android users got voice control in January 18. Now as Elexa devices reach is increasing amazon has announced its much awaited promise for iOS mobiles of voice assistant. User don’t have Alexa iOS app can download it from iOS store. Currently Alexa app used to manage other Alexa-enable devices.

Benefit of Alexa Voice Control

With Alexa voice control now iOS will able to ask for music playback, web queries, sports score, movies times on phone and tablet screen. User will also be able to control all connected home device with voice command.

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Disadvantage of Alexa Voice Control

iOS have already inbuilt smart assistant called siri. Now question is how many users will switch to Alexa voice control when same thing they are doing with Siri? User have will have to launch and tap a button on screen to ask question or query using Elexa app. With Siri all you have to do is say ‘Hey Siri’.

Learn Amazon Alexa Voice Commands

50 Alexa Voice Commands (Amazon Echo)

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