Player Unknown’s Battle Grounds(PUBG) Full Details

player unknown’s battlegrounds(PUBG) is the most popular and famous game currently in the world. PUBG launched at 19 March 2018 in India. The game developed and published by PUBG Corporation, a subsidiary of South Korean video game company “Bluehole“. The game’s concept and design were lead by Brendan Greene.


In the game, up to one hundred players parachute onto an island. After parachuting down from the plane, you have to loot things because you will have nothing in your hand.

How to be safe?

There may be a problem if there are people on the corner of the map and they don’t meet. To avoid this situation, after a few minutes the safe zone circle will decrease and you have to be inside the circle and it will start decreasing based on time. If you are outside the circle, then you will lose your power(health). So in this, your main objective is to loot and kill the other players.

Who will win?

The last player will be the winner and win the game. After winning the game then you will be rewarded by award chicken dinner.

Mobile specification must have to play pubg

The basic minimum specs for PUBG on Android are fairly wide. It requires a minimum Android version of 5.11 Lollipop and 2GB of RAM.

List of mobiles not play PUBG game

Phones have less than 2gb RAM or Android version below 5.11 Lollipop will not able to play PUBG. Few of them are MoreGmax 3G6, Swipe Elite Prime, Karbonn A40 Indian, Swipe Konnect Star 4G, and many other phones.

Disadvantages of pubg game

  1. Enormously Habituated to us
  2. Playing too much game on a smaller screen will cause strain in your eyes
  3. It charges money for premium features.
  4. You have to connect with the internet to play.
  5. Too much play will drain your battery soon. Which will cause short life of the battery.
  6. wastage of time
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