What is Bloatware App | Why Companies add it?

Apps that come pre-installed on your mobile phone is called “bloatware”. These apps are installed by mobile phone manufacturers. Almost every mobile comes with these bloat apps.

Why they put these apps? Can we delete them?

All bloat apps are not useless. Some may actually be useful like Gmail, Google drive etc, it depends on user requirement. These pre-loaded apps can be deleted and are undeletable. It depends on agreement with mobile manufacturer and third parties that pay.

Some times these third party app comes with free trial period of a service that requires a paid subscription. Some manufacturers add them with hope that you’ll love them and therefore never ever want to switch to another manufacturer.

How do I get rid of bloatware? What is the loss of having bloatware?

In Android phone if you can’t delete app like gmail, google photos etc. You can disable them in setting of apps. after that app will not be available in your app list.

If you are using mobile with less storage undeletable bloatware can be issue for you, because since they are undeletable they consume space on your mobile device.

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