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Android the largest used mobile operating system owned by Google. Google bought it in 2005 and announce it as open source project. Android One was launched in 2014 by Google to provide android OS at low cost for mobiles.

Why Android One Project Announced

Since Android is open source project private companies are free to modify its code and customize its feature. Implementing custom design or feature changes includes costing. Due to this manufacturing companies had to increase price of smartphone.

What Google Provide

In Android One program, it gives manufacturers a set of hardware specifications with Android OS with minimum 2 years of regular updates. This downs the cost of smartphone for manufacturing companies and they can offer decent price for their smartphone. Android One is a pure version of Android people use to call it stock Android. Mircromax, Karbonn and Spice are the first manufacturer launch their smartphone under Android One program in India in September 2014.

Xiaomi Mi A2 Android One Device

Android VS Android One or Stock Android Comparison & Benefits

Pure form of Android

Android One is the purest form of Android installed in Android One phones. But as Android is open source project OEMs and manufacturers are free to make changes to operating system. To create their own OS experience for users big manufacturers put their skin, features and companies app.

Regular OS and Security Updates

Android One program comes with Google’s promise of getting regular software updates at least for two years. These updates can be small security related or bigger like Android version. Smartphones have customized Android in OS are not sure weather they will get next version update or not.

Better performance

Google gives specifications of hardware and build Android One OS for it, so performance of apps and UI is very smooth on these devices.

No bloatware

Android One comes with full suits of Google Apps and there are no bloatware app, which you can’t remove from your smartphone. Android manufacturers put apps of companies they have agreement with. User can’t delete these app from their smartphone. Along with above features Android One comes with Google Play Protect scans, Optimized Google Assistant and Find My Device feature, which let you track down your lost phone call it and erase its data if needed from a web browser.

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