6 Unethical Tips & Tricks for Amazon

Being one of biggest eCommerce platform people’s try to hacks and methods to get free products. Some users manage to hack or find loopholes of system and exploit them. These are unethical ways or doing things. Here we share amazon tips and tricks for getting free product or product at cheapest price.

Get Non for Non returnable product

Bought a non returnable product, product is not up-to your expectations? Contact customer service and tell them item is defective, they will refund you the money and also leave the product with you.

Extend your Prime Membership

If you are a prime member and purchase a product on One or Two day guaranteed delivery and the order is not received on time, then contact customer service and ask them to extend your prime membership as the compensation of the delayed order.

Get Lowest Price always

Add pct-off=40–50 in your address bar of product listing page and get list of product lies in your discount list.

We keeps an eye of the product price and notifies users when the price drops, so that you can purchase it when it gets cheaper.

Subscribe for price drop alert.

Not able to find your product let us know on chat and we will add your product on site and register you for price drop.

Hack for flash sale

Want to get an item twice in one flash sale, but amazon allows only 1 item per flash sale. There is always the option of simultaneously logging from two different systems and if you are extremely lucky, you can get the item from both the IDs. But you have to be extremely fast to get item simultaneously from both the IDs and complete payment process.

Add item in your cart and select delivery option as normal you are doing previously. Tricks starts after entering the card details for payment. Amazon ask for invariably OTP sent to your registered mobile number.

On entering OTP screen refresh your the page, after reloading of your page another you will receive another OTP for payment process. Now fill the detail and order the product.\r\n

What is hack?

After few minutes amazon will send you two mails one for successful transaction and other would be for failed transaction for same product. Amazon would notify you about your failed transaction (the first one) and give you time(15 minutes mostly and maximum 24 hrs) to complete your transaction. Now you will get same product at flash sale price with single amazon id.

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Get Amazon Prime account for Free

Get Free Products

Sometimes we get some free article/products with some other things. Just keep the article that is free and return the product. You will be getting the free article without buying anything.

Never Lapse your Amazon pay balance

Extend the validity of your Amazon Pay balance GC : Amazon GC has a validity of 1 yr, if you want to increase its validity just place an order and pay through your Amazon Pay balance and cancel the order, you will get the refund in your Amazon Pay immediately and with one year warranty from the date of refund.

No shipping fee

You are non prime member and want product which is less then Rs 500 and not willing to pay shipping fee too. Just add another product which increase your cart value Rs 500 or more. After getting the delivery return the product you don’t need.

Note: We don’t promote unethical and cheating. Post is for information purpose only.

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